Nest Güzelbahçe

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Happiness with Nest Güzelbahçe !

The premium life begins in Güzelbahçe, Izmir’s high-class neighborhood. This eco-friendly and human-centered project is aimed to add value to the living environment and maximize the quality of its owners’ life. Extraordinary world of new generation just beside the city.... Nest Güzelbahçe !
Built with Nestyap reliability assurance, Nest Güzelbahçe is located on a valuable land of 7000 sqm and consists of 8 blocks and 39 luxurious apartments equipped with the latest smart home gadgets.
Being implemented in harmony with nature and technology and in line with the concept of creative design, Nest Güzelbahçe is located on the waterfront in the quiet city neighborhood, in the heart of natural beauty from where you can reach the city center in just 15 minutes. Highly functional and aesthetic living area which was considered for different tastes and needs offers classy concept and customizable outdoor and indoor security of high quality.
Contemporary necessities, natural beauty, vivid lifestyle and comfort... These and more are in Nest Güzelbahçe...

  • Enjoy Aegean Azure
  • Natural Environment and Social Atmosphere
  • A healthy life brings your feet
  • Everything under control
  • Garden, Pool and Social Areas
  • Comfort and Tranquility Environment you can live together

  • Manzara


  • Açık havuz

    Swimming pool

  • Oyun Parkı